Our vision

Empower people to achieve greatness
through inspired alignment

Purpose-led organizations are uniquely positioned to influence and empower people to live a life of meaning and contribute to positive change in the world. We help inspired organizations sustain success through continuous realignment of action to strategy.

Our story

Solving "the CEO challenge"

CEOs tell us it's hard to continuously re-align an organization to change. Successfully executing on a strategy is often the number one concern for a leader. As a company scales (growing in complexity, number of people, increasing number of functions, distributed workforce…), the headwinds to alignment become more intense.

We (Rich and Adam - founders) have observed these challenges over a combined 40 years of industry experience at large enterprises and innovative start-ups. Whatever the industry, and whatever the product, the common denominators of success are clarity, coordination or conviction throughout an organization.

We share the belief and passion that purpose-led companies can positiviely impact people, communities and the planet. Our goal as a company is to enable these teams to achieve these meaningful pursuits.

Our values

Values shape behavior.
Behavior shapes culture

These are the core four values that shape our decisions:

Be authentic

Authenticity is the gift of your true self — no pretension, no unspoken agenda. Authenticity brings walls down and trust up. Authenticity requires accountability.

Know why

Knowing why is the foundation of every focused action. It requires an intentional choice, it points to a stated objective and it enables perseverance. A clear why steadies you through the how.

Be curious

Curiosity requires a learning mindset. Being curious means working to improve, expand and hone all inherent talents and gifts, as well as adding to and improving those acquired along the way.

Keep it simple

Simplicity requires humility (self-assurance that less CAN mean more), focus (rigor in prioritization). Simplicity enables shared understanding and minimizes breakdowns in communication. Simplicity enables flexibility and agility.

Our customers

We seek to collaborate with
leaders of purpose-led organizations

These leaders understand sustained success in a never ending journey of continuous improvement towards clarifying vision, iterating effective strategies, and consistently prioritizing and aligning the most important next action throughout an organization.

Customers leverage our platform to help their organization focus on the right actions and strategy. With certain clients, we do offer specialized services to help coach, train and accelerate an organization's ability to re-align and grow.

Our team

Building a distributed team
of passionate professionals

Howard Thurman once said:

Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

People at InspireHQ are here to come alive.

They join to do their best work related to their craft and feel aligned with our purpose and values.

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