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We believe what you do matters.

We believe how you invest your time matters.

We believe a diverse team, each contributing and honing their greatest strengths, all aligned in common purpose and focused on the most important action -- is they key to unlocking a powerful force of positive impact.

We're looking for people who understand this.

If this describes you, then keep reading...

Life at InspireHQ

Distributed, but not isolated.

We are a fully distributed team with both founders living near Burlington, Vermont USA.

We understand everyone has a preferred way of working, communicating and connecting.

What matters to us is each team member understands what we do, learns fast, is result oriented and that we all demonstrate our common values.

We embrace a distributed environment because, through effective use of technology and teamwork, it allows us to deliver and scale a purpose-led platform to help people align action to strategy.

We believe a distributed environment, when done well, is an effective way to both foster those deep individual desires for purpose, mastery and autonomy... and also build a strong culture, community and sense of belonging to an organization that serves a purpose greater than the needs of an individual.

How we work

Cross-functional teams

We are a small team by design and organize ourselves into functional areas including leadership, product, success and marketing

Regardless of our individual skills, we place emphasis that every team member periodically takes time to shadow, observe and empathize with every role and job in the company. This builds cross-functional understanding and continually improves teamwork and trust

Core team capabilities


Develop a superior product. Make it fast, intuitive and enjoyable to use. Integrate seamlessly with other tools. Our product genuinely helps people get what they want through inspired enterprise alignment. Our success metric is customers love it and share it.

Brand and marketing

Attract customers through

  • network referral effects
  • integration channels
  • sharable educational content

Establish as thought leader within strategy (direction & focus) and culture (values & behavior).


Everyone on our team delivers results and is a significant value to the business. Our team does what humans do best and we learn to leverage AI and systems for what machines do best. Our results are exponentially effective and it's why we can operate smaller teams of highly skilled individuals.

Open jobs to be done

We hire first for values and character. Skills are trainable.

Job titles can be misleading.

We know top performers are multi-skilled and bring a vast array of experience and insight.

Skills are perishable and the best will continously upskill and learn.

Rather than an emphasis on job titles, we take a holistic view of individual canditates and hire based on value fit, skills aptitude, and an alignment of purpose.

We want to see how you do one or more of the current jobs to be done, and also want to know you're open-minded and can adapt and transfer skills to other job requirements as they evolve.

This is why we encourage people to craft their own 5-7 word phrase to help communicate an overall strength.

For example, Rich Price is Build Brand and Inspire and Adam Bouchard is Build Product and Scale - All Things Exponential

What might your unique ability be?

While individuals may focus more within a functional area, the work is cross-functional.

Open jobs

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