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We’re building a distributed team of passionate professionals, joining to do their best work related to their craft and feel aligned with our purpose and values.

  • Adam Bouchard


    Build Product & Scale

  • Rich Price


    Build Brand & Inspire

  • Rebecca Noskeau

    Customer Success

    Inspire Engagement

  • Alex Fraiha


    Software Engineer

  • Martin Van der Linden


    Developer & Data Scientist

  • You?

    Product | Market

    Helping to build a purpose-driven organization of impact, utility and value.


Inspiration and timeless insights on how progress really happens.


Inspired By Example | Ep 6 Dan Goldsmith

Dan talks about his meteoric rise to become one of IBM's youngest ever partners in its global consultancy, the lessons he brought with him to Veeva (that transformed the life sciences industry on its way to a $30B market cap with 35% annual growth), Instructure (which he led to a $2B public to private exit) and his current role as CEO of Tendo.

Rich P

Rich P


Alignd Demo

This is Alignd. An AI enabled strategy alignment app in service of how progress really happens. A tool that enables you to clarify your organization's vision and priorities, focus actions to strategy and create asynchronous awareness of the energy and talent within your company. This is how it works.

Rich P

Rich P


Unlocking the power of "shared consciousness"

We seek (and find) inspiration everywhere, and a recent example is Gen McChrystal's "Team of Teams," on leadership, teamwork and adaptability in a complex world.

Rich P

Rich P

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