Focus fuels progress

A way for purpose-led teams to align action to strategy.

Coordinated Agility

We create simple, human-centric ways to achieve clarity, coordination and conviction for an organization and its people.


Clarity of purpose. This is not just your “why“, but a common understanding of “your why”. Why do we exist? What problem are we singularly focused on solving and why are we the ones to solve it?


This is purpose in action. In other words, how people within your organization focus their actions to the common purpose and strategy you’ve established and how organizations and its people track progress and adjust to changing conditions.


“Conviction,” defined as the “quality of believing in an ideal and having certainty that it is right,” is often the result of the first two C’s - when you know why you're doing something and you have the tools and coordination to work towards that “why,” you will believe in what you do and derive a sense of fulfillment in working for it.

A powerful vantage point

InspireHQ provides valuable insight and utility for every perspective in the organization

Future thinking

For visionaries and strategists

At a glance visibility across the organization of the most important efforts as they align (or don't) to the vision and major goals.

Past performance

For coaches and leaders

Review trends and easily check the pulse on both lagging and leading indicators of progress. Quickly iterate and adjust sub-strategies in real-time and leverage data to help personalize plans to inspire teammates and refocus efforts as needed.

Present focus

For the craftsmen, artists and technicians

Build a powerful habit in less than 2 minutes a day that allows you to cut through the noise and focus on the most important work. Connect to the larger mission and create more opportunity for a state of flow. Effortlessly communicate out to the entire organization. Fits within existing workflows (e.g. Slack, Teams, etc), or via text, email or the app.

A platform for aligned purpose

InspireHQ is intentionally designed with simplicity and purpose to help organizations reach their aspirations.


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